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We are currently waiting for a new bubble to arrive, bookings will be taken as soon as we can! 

This tent is perfect for a movie night, with privacy surround and a clear top to star gaze while you watch your favourite films!


It stays up by blowing in air from outside, we do have heating but be aware in the winter you will need to grab a few layers and use our rugs/blankets.

  • Our tent is 5m diameter and 7m long (including the tunnel). 

  • They can seat up to 6 people

  • Rugs & cushions

  • Lanterns/lighting

  • Telescope

  • Movie projector to play your favourite films against the built in screen (privacy element)

  • Zara Cakes cake box (various themes available)

  • Zoom Box

  • Grin & Graze Graze Box

 £399 for 2 nights

£250 for 1 night

£349 for Christmas/New Years Eve

Health & Safety

Please be aware we currently can't allow sleeping in our bubble, but are hoping to have this rectified as soon as we can.

Children must not be left alone in the tent. 

We also supply balloons and party decor, including during lockdown, following the governments COVID-19 guidelines.

Our magical night sky bubbles are the perfect way, especially in the current climate to celebrate special occasions, or just for a treat!

COVID INFO:  Please put all rugs into a bag ready for collection after use.

Please be aware when you book that we will reschedule the booking if required but we don't accept cancellations. As a small business we hope you can appreciate this. 

Many thanks!